11 Aug

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Professional super clone watch

When the watch was first launched, the Super Clone Formula 1 Professional was equipped with a brightly colored 34 mm fiberglass case with a steel core. In addition, they also have mineral crystals, plastic unidirectional minute bezels and 200-meter water resistance.

The packaging is very neat, with a hard interlocking shell, loosely similar to a tire. In 1987, the same 34 mm TAG Heuer replica vs original watch was equipped with a different dial and sandblasted stainless steel case. These can be used in rubber or beautiful bracelets with safety locks.

TAG Heuer didn’t make Formula 1 Professional fake vs real until 1990. Obviously, this year LVMH appeared like a wet blanket, because these entry-level watches are under them. I guess LVMH ate some corbeau because F1 came back a few years later, but that is another story.

Bracelets will be better, but maybe this is better for people with larger wrists. Seriously, go back and dig out your Hilfiger shirt from when they sponsored the Lotus team and shake this watch!

Unlike the old Tag Heuer watch copy you have always dreamed of, this chronograph actually runs reliably! Do not? Well, you might spend so much money on two shoulder straps every month or so, and somehow justify it.

21 Jul

TAG Heuer Connected x Super Mario Watches

The new Connected x Super Mario Replica vs original is the first collaboration between TAG Heuer and Nintendo. Nintendo is the creator of the iconic video game character of the same name. The core of this watch represents the playful gamification of TAG’s flagship “smart” timepiece.

As far as its case is concerned, the watch retains the design cues familiar to its predecessors: specifically, it draws outlines from TAG Heuer replica vs real standard mechanical Carrera, with a diameter of 45 mm, a steel thickness of 13.5 mm, sharp edges and corners, and elongated lugs. It contrasts sharply with the black ceramic bezel and its metallic appearance.

A closer look will reveal the unique color scheme of this watch, the red hue derived from the name “Super Mario”, and the iconic Mario pattern on the lacquered bezel. Mushrooms, pipes and stars occupy four quarters of the hour. Three positions.

In terms of functionality, Connected x Super Mario fake vs real provides basically the same features as the previous version of Connected, including an interactive display, a full day of battery life, fast charging, and various sensors, including a heart rate monitor, compass, accelerometer, and others Metrics, and recorded activities.

Of course, the uniqueness of this version of Connected 1:1 Replica Watch is the iconic red and blue Super Mario skin, which provides an interesting and cool element, while also adding some extra gamification to the watch.

Mario first appeared in 1985 and is recognized and appreciated at most ages, while Pokémon was not launched until 1998, and its fan base may be even younger.