19 Nov

The Ultimate Speedmaster Replica Watches Exhibition by Davidoff Brothers

Omega replica watches
Omega replica watches

Most high quality replica watches shown at the exhibition were rapidly sold to collectors, some even before the Ultimate Speedmaster replica watches Exhibition started. During the evening, the Davidoff Brothers welcomed approximately 300 guests. One invited guest had to stay at home due to a messed-up schedule, me.

Their Speedmaster Replica Watches Exhibition in Geneve is hopefully setting new standards as well. Over 40 Speedmaster replica watches on display, from the very first Speedmaster reference 2915 to limited editions like the Racing dial models and the gold Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI from 1969.

Their boutique is amazing and definitely worth a visit when you are in Geneva. From exceptionally rare replica watches to something affordable for the starting collector, but always vintage. However, their focus for this 1 year anniversary was on Omega Speedmaster replica watches, hence the Ultimate Speedmaster Exhibition. Together with authors Grégoire Rossier and Anthony Marquié of the standard on Speedmasters, the Moonwatch Only book, they organized a wonderful evening for clients, friends, press and Speedmaster collectors.

18 Nov

Vintage Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches Boutique

Omega replica watches
Omega replica watches

Last Wednesday, the 28th of October, Roy and Sacha Davidoff held the Ultimate Speedmaster Replica Watches Exhibition in Geneva. Tragically, I needed to cross out my trek a minute ago so I couldn’t be there myself, however fortunately they tried to mollify the torment a bit by making some magnificent pictures of the night and the AAA replica watches.

What happens when you get Speedmaster replica watches for your thirteenth birthday? Right. A couple of decades later you are sorting out The Ultimate Speedmaster Exhibition together with your sibling (and kindred gatherer) to praise the first commemoration of your Omega replica watches boutique.

I met Roy amid a watch exchange show in Munich a year ago and not long after, I went by his Omega replica watches boutique in Geneva, that he runs together with his more youthful sibling Sacha. Both were energetic watch gatherers for quite a while and eventually they chose to do what they cherish best, turn out to be full time possessed with high quality vintage replica watches.